Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Email #56 (Gilbert, AZ)

September 15, 2014

FAMILIA!!! Hola!!!
It's so great to hear from all of you. I was thinking about my last homecoming week and I told Hna Carvalho about how crazy it was! Olivia was born, the homecoming bonfire, the homecoming football game, staying up late into the night TPing the junior girls, my birthday and then the dance on Saturday... Loco! It was a party though. Speaking of parties, that party that y'all had instead of going to the dance sounds like it was a blast!!
I also cannot believe how cold it is there! It still is about the 100s usually during the day, but it isn't too bad anymore, it's starting to cool down. All the rain we got last Monday definitely helped cool it down here! I am a little jealous that fall is there in CO, because it's so beautiful during the fall, but I am really grateful that I'll miss a lot of the cold:) Winters here are perfect so I can't complain!
Anyways, this week was awesome! It was a week of teaching for sure and we saw so much progress with all of our investigators. Edna, Tim and Tony all came to church!!! I felt a little silly because when we were sitting there and they were all there with us in sacrament meeting, I was so overwhelmed with love for them, and I got a little teary. Nobody noticed though (I don't think) so that's good:)
I am so blessed. So, so blessed. It really hit me hard yesterday that I am so blessed to be serving my Heavenly Father and serving all these amazing people. Whether it be my companions, investigators, members, other missionaries, leaders or just random people on the street, I know that God has placed me here with these people so that I could learn and grow from interacting with and serving them. He knew I needed to learn how to be more like his Son, Jesus Christ, so he placed in my path some of the most amazing and Christ-like people I know. I am so grateful for the people I've met on my mission and for all they have taught me, and for the opportunity I have everyday to feel a little bit of the love Heavenly Father feels for those I serve.
Also, cool thing about yesterday that happened!!! At the clase del Libro de Mormon, we were learning about Christ in the Americas and Hermano Laparra just happens to be really good friends with Robert Allen, the person who is Christ in the Reflections of Christ photo series... so he came and talked to us!!! It was so amazing to hear him speak about his experience, and his testimony touched every single heart listening. It was a powerful experience. It was strange to see Jesus standing up there at the pulpit in a suit and tie... but then I had to remind myself it wasn't actually Jesus:) haha but he was amazing. We got a picture with him but I forgot my camera so I will send it next time!

Answers to questions Mamita:
1. All of our investigators are doing well, like I said they all came to church and are progressing very well. Edna is especially just soaking it all in right now. She has some worries and concerns about the Word of Wisdom (coffee and wine), but we are going to teach her about that this week and also try and find a baptismal date for her. I'll let you know how that goes! Tim is progressing, a little bit slower, but he'll get there eventually. He's come to church 3 weeks in a row so that's a milagro!:) I'll give you better updates next monday, because some great things should happen this week! We found a new investigator named Marialena and she is this sweet old lady that is good friends with the Morales family in our Pueblo ward! More on her next week. Also.... Vanessa has disappeared again:( I'm trying not to lose faith in her though. I'll let you know if we find her.
2. Yes, we do get fed by the Spanish ward and they are the BEST! The miembros in the Pueblo ward are so kind. So many amazing families that love us and do everything they can to help us out.
3. As I wrote about, the Book of Mormon classes are going super bien! People are loving it and it is an awesome thing to watch their desire to share The Book of Mormon grow as they are strengthening their testimonies of it.

Also, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS, OLIVIA!!!! I just realized that the only birthday of hers that I've been physically present for was her actual BIRTH day... sad:( that's okay though. She knows her big sis loves her! Give her a big hug and a kiss for me!!!
OKay, have a semana fabulosa, familia! Make good choices, remember who you are and remember who He is:)
Hermana Lattin


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