Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Email #60 (Gilbert, AZ)

October 13, 2014

Como estan todos?? Espero que todo este bien en la casa de la familia Lattin:)
So, I bet you're wondering what's happening with transfers, and I have all the news. Sister Carvalho and I will be together for her last two weeks here (her parents arrive here from Brazil on the 28th to pick her up)!!!!! Hooray!!!! Once her parents come, I will be in a trio with Sister Chavarri and Sister Woolstenhulme up in the Gilbert Spanish branch!!! So we will be covering both the branch and the YSA ward. I am pretty stoked.
The sad news is we're moving out of Pueblo:( Which, although the work is difficult there, I have met some of the most AMAZING members there who support us so much and take care of us so well, so that ward will be a hard one to leave. But it will be good for that area because they are going to put a zebra trio of elders in that area, and the Spanish elder will most likely be Elder Vazquez, who is a native mexicano and he will be AWESOME for that area. Just what Pueblo needs. He is a super solid missionary and he will definitely make miracles happen in that area, no doubt. We met with President Nattress last week and he asked us what we thought he should do with that area, since we're losing so many Spanish missionaries in the next few transfers (especially sisters), It was definitely pure inspiration that we gave him the idea to move Elder Vasquez over there.
So, yep. That's the transfer low down!
Man, I can't believe my companion goes home in two weeks... my heart really hurts every time I think about it!
This week was pretty good! I feel like there isn't a whole lot to report on... OH. We are so grateful that you fasted for Tim and Edna yesterday. They need it. Both of them most likely won't be getting baptized this Friday, unless Heavenly Father works some miracles in the next few days. The only way it could happen is if Edna changed her mind this past weekend about changing her date. She went back home this weekend to be with her family for her dad's birthday. She expressed to us her worry that the same feelings of sadness and anger would come back, so we hope she was able to be strong and hold on to the love and strength God has been giving her these past few days. She also told us that she didn't feel like she would be ready on the 17th, so she wanted to change it. But we are going to try and help her be ready for baptism before Sister Carvalho leaves. That's what we're praying for. So please pray for Edna this week.
And Tim… He just recently got a new job and will be working on Sundays:( So his progress will probably slow down quite a bit until he gets Sundays off again. He is doing well, but if he can't come to church his spiritual focus will definitely take a hit. And if that's taking a hit, then it will be harder for him to recognize his answer, which he is still struggling with a lot. So pray for him too.
Tony Li is doing well. He just told us in our last lesson that he still isn't sure he believes in God, and he isn't ready to get baptized, but "maybe in 10 years". Haha he is still coming to church though and went to the Meet the Mormons movie and LOVED it!!! He especially loved the Humanitarian from Nepal, because his home village is on the other side of the Himalayas, so the scenery was familiar to him. It was a cool connection.
Speaking of the movie, IT IS AMAZING!!!! You are all going to love it!!! Prepare yourselves for one of the best movie experiences you've ever had. Seriously, it is so good. I bawled like a baby in the last story. The whole thing really just perfectly captures the lives and faith of these LDS people, who live very different lives in places all around the world. It is an inspiring movie. And I love that the whole theme it sets forth is that we are fervent believers and dedicated followers of JESUS CHRIST. I'm so excited for you to see it!!! That's crazy that it was sold out when you went to see it! That makes me so happy. Definitely invite your friends and go request it on meetthemormons.com so it will come to even more locations in CO!:)
Okie dokes, well I love you all so much!!! Hope you have an amazing week.
Moroni 8:3 (as always:))
Hermana Lattin


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