Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Email #55 (Gilbert, AZ)

September 9, 2014

Hey there, fam!
So much has happened this last week. After I emailed home last Monday, President called. He had second thoughts about transferring Hna Carvalho. He gave her the choice to stay or not because it's her last transfer, and so she prayed about it and felt she needed to stay, and so we've got one more transfer together!!! HUZZAH!!! So stoked. It's going to be great because we're going to just give it all to the Lord! Pray for us that we can be exactly obedient and become sanctified missionaries so we can see miracles!
After the transfer stress, this week was a good one. We were able to teach all our investigators except for G (who was spending the week at one of her hija's house) and A (who was on a cruise). But I think one of the coolest things we were able to do is have a tour of the outside of the Gilbert Temple with E. We've started doing this Reception Center at the stake center right next to the temple where we can talk more about the temple, about baptism, family history and all sorts of awesome stuff. We give tours around the temple to our investigators AND also every Thursday night there is a mission choir concert about Jesus Christ and it is AWESOME! So powerful. So E came to that (she missed most of it because she was late) and then we walked around the temple with her and talked more about it. I am so grateful for that temple, and for all temples in general. I love that even those who cannot enter inside (yet:)) can still feel that God is there and that it is His house. It is funny too because she thought the concert was in there and so she walked inside the temple to the front desk... hahaha but God works in mysterious ways because through that, she was able to feel what exactly it feels like as soon as you enter the walls of that sacred place. She told us that she felt so much peace when she went inside, and she really loved it. So that was cool:) She can feel that everything we are teaching her is good and it is helping her come closer to God, but she is still worried about having to let go of the "superficial" things that she likes (aka coffee and wine). The thing is that she knows this is the path God wants her to follow, but she is scared of changing! As she continues to feel the Spirit testify of truth to her, she'll get there, poco a poco:)
Also V! She is back in the Lecheria and we saw her two days in a row. She is so awesome and she wants so badly to be part of Christ's church because she knows it is true and she just wants to have a new start at life, a clean slate. She knows that baptism will give her that and so she definitely wants to be baptized. We don't know when yet but it will happen. Everyone who knows her from the Pueblo ward is a little wary and skeptical about whether or not she will just disappear again, but I have faith that this time, things will be different. It is difficult to contact her because she doesn't have a working phone, but she isn't working right now so we can find her at home a lot. We tried to stop by this morning so the elders could give her a blessing because she is sick, but she didn't answer... just pray for her that she can be consistent so we can help her progress towards baptism!!
We're trying to figure out what T needs, because his progression is definitely progression (he's come to church two weeks in a row! hurray!), but he has yet to get a solid answer about the truth of our message. He feels good and he really really likes us but he still doesn't feel that God has answered his prayers yet. We're going to work on that this week. We're going to try and solidify his baptismal date of the 27th of this month. And T Li! Oh T Li, I love that cute Chinese kid. He is so funny and so happy all the time. He loves church and loves socializing. He's come pretty consistently for the past two months probably. He always tells us how grateful he is for us. Whether he knows it or not, he is really sensitive to the Spirit, because he is slowly but surely developing a belief and faith in his Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. We were able to teach him and A about repentance this past week and we talked a lot about Jesus Christ and his Atonement, that he suffered for all of us so we could repent, change and become better and return to live with Heavenly Father again someday. And then the next day (yesterday) it was fast and testimony meeting and SO many people bore beautiful testimonies of the Savior and their gratitude for his atoning sacrifice:) it was great.
Anyways, answers to your questions, Mom!

I already answered questions 1-6:)
7. Yes, we are hoping for cooler weather to come our way! It's actually raining right now, hoorayyyyy!!! It was starting to cool down a tiny bit before, but I think this rain will really help. Either that or it will just make the hot days hotter with humidity:) haha but a ver!

8. YES! We do get to go see the new temple. They haven't told us a whole lot about it yet. But I am excited to see it.
Alrrrrighty! I love you all soooooo so so so much! Have an amazing, fantastic week!
Moroni 8:3
Hermana Lattin
Together for one last transfer!!


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