Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Email #61 (Gilbert, AZ)

October 20, 2014

HOLA querida familia!!
How's it going?
So, this email might not be super long because we have a super crazy P-day planned, because Sister Carvalho has a lot to get done before she leaves...
But I'll fill you in a little bit on the crazy week we've had.
So, transfers happened and we are in a quad-panionship:) So I just happen to be companions with all 3 of my best mission friends... Hermanas Carvalho, Chavarri and Woolstenhulme (Lana)!!!! Hahahaha oh man we have a blast together. I am so grateful that I have been blessed to meet some of the most amazing people here on my mission, and that they have become my close friends. The sad thing is that I'll have to say goodbye to all three of them within the next transfer... because Sis. Carvalho leaves next Tuesday, and this is Hna. Chavarri and Lana's last transfer.
Anyways, so we've got the quad and we're covering all three of our areas: the Gilbert Spanish branch, Mission Bay (YSA) AND Pueblo... let's just say that it's been insanity for the past few days. But the kind of insanity where you are running por todos lados and teaching a lot, so it's such a GOOD insanity. It's just a struggle being organized with all of the investigators and people to meet and see, but the Lord is helping us. It's going to be even crazier when my compi leaves, because we won't be able to split off at nights to see different people, but we'll figure it out. I've got to learn how to be extremely organized because next transfer, because I won't have all these solid companions to help me..... I think by next transfer hopefully I'll just be covering Mission Bay and the Branch so that should be more manageable.
One thing I do want to share from this past weekend was one of the coolest experiences. We had a baptism in the branch, her name is Elizabeth and she is the sweetest, most prepared woman I have ever met! I only taught her twice before her baptism but even in just those two lessons, she blew me away with her faith and testimony. She is amazing! But at her baptism, President Nattress was there and shared his testimony in Spanish. Let me remind you: President does not speak Spanish, except for a few Gospel basics. He started to share his testimony in Spanish and the Spirit hit us all like a wall. The words were flowing out of his mouth and his grammar was perfect, but most important, the Spirit was testifying to every single person in that room through President's words that "mi Redentor vive." It was an amazing manifestation of the gift of tongues that I will never ever forget. I am so grateful for my mission president. I have learned so much from him and his testimony. Every time he bears his testimony, whether it be in English or Spanish, you can feel the Spirit testifying to you of the truth that our Savior lives, that He is the living Son of the Living God. He is the BEST.
There are no notable updates on our investigators at this point, we're just doing our best to help them progress to baptism. I'm so sorry I don't have enough time to give you a low down on some of the new ones. Our two new investigators are Raquel and Araceli. I will update you next week!
Just be sure to pray for Tim that he will have the desire get work off on Sundays so he can come to church and Edna-that the Spirit will touch her heart again so she can have the desire to be baptized.
Have an amazing, fantastic week!
Moroni 8:3
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Lattin


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