Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Email #59 (Gilbert, AZ)

October 6, 2014

Hola hola!!
Hey there, mi familia querida! Sounds like life is pretty good in the Lattin home! Whenever I walk into a home with a lot of kids, noise and craziness, it makes me feel so happy because I feel right at home:) I have a hard time when things get too quiet, I'm not used to it!

Anyways, can we just talk about the fact that General Conference was AMAZING??? Seriously, I was mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted because it blew my mind. I always love the themes that come out of it, because it helps me know what specifically we, as Christ's Church, and individually as God's children, need to understand work on, and improve. And wasn't it SO cool to have the speakers deliver their talks in their native language?? We watched the 2nd session of Saturday in Spanish with Edna and it was awesome to hear Eduardo Gavarret deliver the talk in Espanol! And Sister Carvalho was really excited about the one in Portuguese:) I took some great notes that I forgot at home, so I don't have all of my favorite things from conference accessible currently... but I remember a few things:) I absolutely loved our Prophet's words on walking AS Christ did, and following His perfect example as His Disciples., President Uchtdorf's on Saturday Morning, he was so powerful in his assertion that we need to know for ourselves, and that when we seek for, receive and embrace divine revelation from God through the Holy Ghost, our vision of truth and eternal reality is clarified and broadened. And then President Eyring was so sweet as well expressing his love for our prophet. And Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, Holland, and Bednar... all of them were SO GOOD. I wish I had the words and time (and my notes) to I could express how much I loved it. But it sufficeth me to say that it left me with an even greater conviction that my Heavenly Father loves me, and that He loves each of us more than we can comprehend and because He does, His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, marked the path back to our heavenly home and through his mercy and love, he made it possible for us to do so, and that it is our responsibility exercise our agency to CHOOSE to do the things necessary in order to return back to our Heavenly Father, that we must seek truth through personal revelation, accept the Lord's will, and act in obedience to His laws and commandments, as established by His chosen servants, all along the ways serving and loving our families and friends, that we may return all together to live in the presence of our Father and our Savior as eternal families. And that's what it's all about. Conference left me feeling a strong conviction and confirming witness of all of those truths. I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!:)
General Conference brought some great progression with our investigators, Edna especially! She is awesome. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and I think Conference helped her to understand the significance of having a living prophet and 12 apostles, and she really felt the Spirit. She feels good about the 17th of October (which happens to be my companion's b-day:)) and is preparing for that day. She is truly our milagro.
And another cool thing happened thanks to conference too! Hna Carvalho told me Saturday night that she felt really strongly that we needed to invite Sony and Phanuel (the guys from the Congo) to General Conference. So we followed the prompting and called them and they said they would come, and bring a friend! So they watched the first session on Sunday. Now remember, they had a lot of doubts and questions and caused quite a bit of contention over two topics: the Prophet and the Godhead. And what were the two main themes of that session? PROPHETS AND THE GODHEAD. How amazing is that? Pretty amazing. I don't know if it changed their beliefs, because especially Phanuel didn't seem completely convinced, but they definitely felt the Spirit, and even if they didn't recognize it, I know the Spirit testified to them the truth of our message. We are going to see them this week, so we'll let you know how it goes! Tim, unfortunately didn't come:( He bailed last minute, but hopefully he'll come to FHE tonight so we can talk to him then and tell him what he missed out on.
I cannot believe it's the last week of the transfer... and I cannot believe my companion goes home in just 3 weeks (she's staying 2 extra weeks while her parents come to visit). I am so sad that she is leaving me, but we wont focus on that right now!
Okay, well have an awesome week! Remember to review notes you took on each talk and try to make some goals as a family and personally to work on so the words and promises of our church leaders can come to pass!:)
I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO SO MUCH. Don't ever forget it.
Moroni 8:3
Hermana Lattin


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