Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Email #43 (Gilbert, AZ)

June 16, 2014

Hola! Holy cow this has been a crazy craaaazy week. Let me just give you the low-down on transfers first:
So, I got transferred up to Gilbert! I am with Sister Carvalho, who is probably one of the cutest, sweetest, most awesome missionaries you will ever find in the entire world. She is from Curitiba, Brazil (yes, she is super sad about missing the World Cup right now haha:)) and she actually served most of her mission in the SLC Temple Square mission. She's been out for about 14 months and she is the coolest. She's one of those people who is just beautiful, inside and out. Her testimony is super fuerte, she's extremely hard working, she is so humble and kind, and all around amazing. Plus, she's teaching me some Portuguese, so I'll probably be trilingual pretty soon! Oi, tudo bem? Hahaha
Our area is pretty interesting. We cover two different (COMPLETELY different) wards. The first one is the YSA Mission Bay ward. I never thought I'd be able to cover a YSA ward on my mission since I'm Spanish speaking, but here I am! It's a little strange to be surrounded by people my age, but it's a great ward with a very missionary minded bishop, so it should be fun! Our other area is a little bit more complicated. We cover two stakes who previously had a Spanish unit, but a few years back it was dissolved, so for the Spanish speakers there, they don't technically belong to any one Spanish congregation. For one of the stakes, they are encouraged to go to the Pueblo ward in Mesa, but in the other one, the stake president wants them to go to an English ward so they can learn English.... which is very silly in my opinion. It also makes our work a lot more difficult in that stake. So the ward we are technically in currently is the Pueblo Spanish ward, which is a little bit crazy because it's outside of the mission. The Spanish elders had it before, but they white washed us in this transfer. As of right now the work is pretty dead in that area, partially due to the difficulty of the situation, but there is SO MUCH potential in both stakes. There is a little part of our area that has a dairy farm in it, or as we like to call it-"la lecheria" or "little mexico". It's essentially all these Mexicans who work at the dairy and you feel like you're walking through the streets of Mexico, there are a bunch of dogs running around, Mariachi music blasting, and Spanish just flying left and right! It's awesome and there's sooo much potential! It will be great. It might be difficult to get the work going, but I know that if we put our full faith and trust in Heavenly Father, many mighty milagros will be wrought in our area! I trust in President Nattress's ability to receive revelation and I know that Sister Carvalho and I are together in this area for a reason. We're just going to work our hardest and give the Lord everything, and I know that we can be instruments in the hands of the Lord to bring many souls unto him.
Our only investigators right now are Tim and Kyle (YSA), who are both awesome. It's a struggle getting them to church… just a little lazy. So pray that they'll have the motivation to change! We also have Georgina (Pueblo ward) who is soooooo sweet. She is a long time investigator, but she told us last lesson that she really wants to know what is true, because she's been Catholic her whole life and she wants to know what God wants her to do! She is such a cute old little lady who loves Christ a lot.

Okay so, once again….
My companion is Sister Carvalho:) It's pronounced "Car-va-leo".
My new address:
829 Park Ave
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Okay, well I love you all! Have an amaaaazing week! You are always in my prayers!
I will be praying for Norm and tell Marshall and Stella I love them and remind them that Heavenly Father loves and knows them.
Hermana Lattin


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