Sunday, June 15, 2014

Email #41 (Queen Creek, AZ)

June 2, 2014

How's it goin', familia??? Sounds like the first week of summer was un poco loco! But once again, I am not surprised! It's always a party with the Lattino fam. I am convinced that our family would fit perfectly into a Spanish ward... we're a little crazy, super fun, always late AND we like to party. Perfect match. Consider it, pray about it and tell me what you think about moving our records to the nearest Spanish branch/ward. Okay? Okay. haha
Well, this week was definitely an interesting one, to say the least! It started out locisimo because we had to work out the whole emergency transfer thing with Hermana M. The bottom line is that we are now in a trio, just until the end of transfers. I'll have to send you a letter about her this week or next week, because she's a riot. Very interesting and not easy to get along with…luckily Hermana W (whom I refer to as Hmna Lana) and I have each other though because we keep each other relatively sane:)
One great thing about Hmna M is that she does not know English very well, so we end up speaking a lot of conversational Spanish outside of lessons, and that is really helping me with my casual conversations!
But anyways, we've been trying to get used to teaching in a trio (more difficult than expected) which is getting better. We found two new investigators this week, Romeo and Rodolfo, thanks to our investigator Osvaldo.  Our investigator Osvaldo moved to a different part of our area so we got to meet even more people that he now lives with so we were able to start teaching both of the people he lives with as well! We taught Osvaldo the Plan of Salvation with Romeo and it went pretty well. Osvaldo is really striving to figure out what is right and true and he has been praying about baptism. He didn't come to church this week but we're hoping he comes this week! Pray for him! We are also still searching for that family of five! Max is soooo sweet to pray for Ariel:) I know that his prayers will make a difference in the lives of the Rodriguez family! They cancelled our lesson last week but I'll let you know how it goes this week with them!
The other event of the week was that all three of us got hit with a stomach bug from Thursday up until yesterday... it was awful. Being sick on the mission is the worst thing ever. I HATE it. You feel so useless and lazy, and you don't even have your mom to take care of you:( but we all survived and I feel great now!
Answers to your questions:

1. We get transfer calls this Sunday and transfers are next Wednesday.... I'm praying for at least one more transfer with Hermana Lana!
2. YES! We got the package. Thank you! They came perfect timing because I was sick the night before and I was still feeling pretty crappy that next day. It was the perfect little pick-me-up:)
3. The sweet lady I taught that is getting baptized is EDITH!!! The Puerto Rican viejita that Sister Chavarri and I found a looooong time ago who dropped us a few times. SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! I am so excited for her:) I went on an exchange a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to teach her with Sis Bukoskie, and she was still stuck in the mindset that she had been Christian for a long time and it was too hard for her to change. We expressed that we were there trying to help her because we LOVE her and I think her whole perspective changed after that. I think once she realized that everything we did and said, and everything her son did and said was to help her understand the truth, she got her answer to her prayers and she is on the road to baptism:) She is so sweet and she calls me "muneca" every week when I see her at church.
 4. YES!!! We went to the Gilbert Temple again this past week and it was BEAUTIFUL! I love that temple so much. I'm so excited for all of you to see it in person someday!
Okay, I love you all soooooo much! Have and amazing, fantastic week!
Les quiero muchisimo!!!
Hermana Lattin


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