Saturday, July 12, 2014

Email #44 (Gilbert, AZ)

June 23, 2014

Holllla Familia!!
It's great to hear from you. When I heard about Norm's turn for the worst last week in the hospital I felt so sad for him and Marshall and Stella. I said a prayer that night and prayed that he would be okay, but I told Heavenly Father that I knew that His will was what was best. What is crazy, is that I distinctly remember Wednesday evening when I was saying my evening prayers, I knew it had happened...that Norm was gone. I felt very peaceful afterwards and that entire week, whenever I prayed for their little family, I just felt prompted to pray for Marshall and Stella that they would be strong, that they would be able to accept His will and feel of His love, and that they would know that their dad was in a better place, that he was happy and at peace. I hope they are doing okay, and tell them I love them. I will write them more of my experience in a letter.
Anyways, this week was a good one! This email is going to be pretty short because I'm going to send some pictures home... courtesy of Sister Carvalho because I forgot my camera cord at home:) Thank goodness for companions! Haha really though, she is the best. She is one of those people I've met on my mission that I knew I was supposed to meet and become good friends with! I love my comp.
We worked extremely hard this week and are going to continue to work to meet all the people in our Pueblo ward so we can get the work goin' in our area. Our Ward Mission Leader, Hermano Maynez is probably the most awesome ward mission leader in the world. He also just happens to be the coolest person in the world as well. His entire family is awesome and we LOVE THEM!! I think that's what I've learned this week, that we are so blessed to have amazing members, in both of our wards. I know that as we continue to work with them, we will see miracles happen here! It's not easy to work in two areas, it's almost a little bit overwhelming, because there is SO much work to be done! But I know that the Lord can do everything and anything. I know that He will guide us to those who are ready to hear our message and accept the Gospel in their lives! It will happen.
Here are the answers to your questions, Mamita:
11.    Yes, we actually leave the mission boundaries to go to church in the Pueblo ward every Sunday! (haha) It’s pretty weird, but fun, because I get to drive more than 45 mph on the freeway. Don’t worry, Dad. I drive safely. I consider Sister Carvalho precious cargo, so I try not to let my Boettcher driving instincts take overJ (haha) But yes, we cover those two stakes for all of the Spanish work. There are also a set of Elders and a set of Sisters (both Spanish speaking) serving in the Pueblo ward that are from the Mesa Mission, so that’s interesting.
22.    We have a car and bikes. Unfortunately, we rarely ride our bikes because our areas are so far apart. We spend a good portion of our time driving to different areas and different houses within our Spanish area.
33.    Yes, Hermana Chavs is in my new district!!! She is awesome and I missed her so much! Oh, and did I tell you Elder Caldwell (from the Mexico MTC) is my district leader?! It’s great.

Okay well I love you so much! I'll send some pictures:)
Hermana Lattin

With my new companion, Hermana Carvalho, on transfer day


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