Saturday, April 5, 2014

Email #31 (Queen Creek, AZ)

March 24, 2014 Buenos dias, familia!!!! It's so wonderful to hear from everyone! I didn't even know you were going to San Francisco!!! Sounds like you had an AWESOME time celebrating Papa and Nana's 50th anniversary!:) I was looking at the dinner picture and realized that all of you (except for Uncle Dan and Aunt Julie) have missionaries out!!! How cool is that?? Pretty cool. That's one of my favorite things ever, the fact that I have so many cousins out on missions. I am beyond blessed to have the best cousins in the world and such amazing missionary examples to look up to. I love reading their emails home, and I can't help but smile and think about how stellar of missionaries they are. I cannot believe Shelby has been out over a YEAR! Mary is coming up on a year in May as well! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO??? Sister Bukoskie and I hit our 7 month mark a few days ago and it blows my mind that it's already been 7 months. Also, the fact that I was opening my call about a year from this week is INSANE. I had a mini-revelation yesterday when we were driving from dinner to contact a referral. The sun was setting, the sky was beautiful and I once again realized how blessed I am to be a missionary and that the time the Lord has given me to serve here in beautiful Arizona is so short. I can't waste a minute of it!!! This week was a great one! Crazy, because of transfers and we moved. In regards to the letter I sent last week, things have been really good since I sent that. The first few days of this transfer were a little bit rough, but I think it was just because I was being prideful again, and I was having a hard time accepting the fact that another 6 weeks with my companion was a reality... but I just have been realizing that no matter where I am, or who I'm with I have the gift of agency from our Heavenly Father to decide whether or not I want to be happy and make things work with a companion. Once I remembered that, everything started to go smoother. Humility is key. We see throughout the Book of Mormon, especially at the end that PRIDE is the reason for great contention and destruction among the people. Pride sparks a whole lot of other negative and sinful acciones and feelings, all of which will ultimately result in unhappiness. So I have been really focusing on that this past week and making sure that instead of letting my pride get to me, allowing certain things that she says to me or does just roll off my back and letting them go. And I am honestly so happy. I know there will be ups and downs, and the melt down like the one a few weeks ago is bound to happen again. But thanks to your advice, Mom, and by putting my trust in the Lord, I am ready and prepared to help my companion through whatever issues and problems she faces. Anyways, I want to just tell you a little more about Maybelin, Ariel and Brian. They are AMAZING! I love them so much. We had a lesson with them on Friday night and brought Hermana Piriz (the lady who grew up in Puerto Rico and most likely has met you, Dad). We talked about the commandment of praying often. The entire lesson was very much driven by the Spirit and Hermana Piriz was awesome! But the miracle we have seen with them is that slowly but surely, they are opening their hearts to the message of the Restored Gospel. At first, Maybelin had us over because she likes to talk about God and religion, and she said that she thinks God is in all religions and therefore she didn't have a desire to really learn about ours, let alone join it. But, the key with her has been personal daily contact. I think that she has slowly began to understand that we are not there to merely teach her because we are missionaries, but rather to serve her and help her come unto Christ because we love her, and that has made all the difference. We go by almost every day of the week to see how she's doing, just to swing by and say hello or leave a scripture with her. She is probably one of the sweetest, kindest persons I have ever met and she is beginning to understand and feel the truth in our message. Brian is SO CUTE! He is 13 and has a spiritual understanding of an adult. He is amazing and so so sweet. Ariel is extremely humble and just genuinely wants to know the truth, and he is an awesome father and husband. In our last lesson they told us that they feel like the Book of Mormon is true and we invited them again to ask Heavenly Father to get a confirmation to that answer. Pray for them that they will receive that answer and be able to recognize it with clarity!:) Mom, here are the answers to your questions: 1. Jose is great! We had a lesson with him last night and it went well. He is still essentially in the same place as last time, but with him it will just be poco a poco. Once he gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon, Satan won't even have a chance with him! I'll let you know if there's any progress this week. 2. We still haven't been able to meet with Mirsa, but I'll let you know once we do! Her son, Paquito was sick this past week so we made a cartita for him and dropped it off at the house but she wasn't there. I'll let you know. And no new news with the others, I'll let you know if we make progress with them this week!:) 3. We actually live in a new house with two other sisters! Their names are Sister Hibbard and Sister Adams. They are way cool. It's a super nice house! I like it a lot. 4. My knee is doing great! I've been wearing my brace every time I play a sport and it's starting to fit way better! Although I'm not quite sure if it's because I'm gaining muscle or fat on my legs... it might be the latter. It's the Hispanic meals!! 5. I have been drinking a few green smoothies! I made a really good one the other day with oranges in it. I just bought more stuff to make them so I'll be making more of them this week:) Okay well I love you all more than the DELICIOUS Columbian meal we had at the Delgado's (members) house last night! You are in my prayers every day and I hope you know how much you all mean to me. Thank you for your love, support and prayers! Les quiero MUCHISIMO!!! Que tengan una semana muy fantastica!!! Hermana Lattin
 I love being in the U.S. Spanish-speaking; you get food from different countries!
Columbian Food! YUM


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