Thursday, March 20, 2014

Email #30 (Queen Creek, AZ)

March 17, 2014

Hola hola familia!!!!
I guess I forgot to tell you last week that this week is transfers! But not to worry, our whole district is staying the same!:) Hermana B and I are moving though (closer to our area). But HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! Don't worry, I'm wearing green!:)
So this week was an interesting one to say the least. It ended really well so that's good, but it definitely started out rough. I'll have to send you a letter about it, though. Just know that despite the fact that I am very happy to have another transfer here in the ward with Hermana B, I am also a little bit nervous for it because of what happened. It's not a huge deal, just another breakdown she had. I am just worried about my inadequacies in helping her with her emotional issues, because I love her a lot and I want her to be happy, but I'm not sure how much I actually helped her when we were in the midst of the issue. I know one thing for sure though, that Heavenly Father gave me Hermana B in my life because He knew I needed to learn how to be more loving, patient and humble. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve with her, because even though I have been stretched in ways that I didn't think were possible while being with her, I know that I have grown closer to my Savior Jesus Christ more than ever. Plus, I have a new friend. So that's a bonus!
Anyways, other than that little issue we had, this week was great! One person I would love to add to your prayer list is Jose Hernandez. He is an investigator from a part member family (he is the only one who isn't a member). He is the dad, and he really is awesome. He has even said multiple times that he sees himself as a member eventually. But he also says that he doesn't want to be forced into it, he wants to get baptized when he feels its right, and when he knows it's 100% true. He's been saying that for 12 years:) Haha but un milagro happened with him last night. Our lesson with him started out the same as usual, we were talking about Helaman 5:12, because that was what his two kids, Edith (15) and Alonso (13) had learned about in Sunday School that day. We were talking about building your life upon Christ and how with him, Satan has no chance in bringing you down because He is your foundation. We were about to wrap up the thought when Hermana B invited Jose to pray to be able to have a life more centered and focused on Christ. From that, in his response, he somehow ended up talking about how he wasn't sure if he could pray to know if it's true or to know if he needs to get baptized because he doesn't feel ready. He kept on talking about this "lucha" that he was having within himself and the fact that he didn't know why, but he was rebelling against wanting to know the truth. As we were listening, I just said a quick prayer in my heart to know what to say to him, because in my mind, I was thinking "He's already heard everything, he's been investigating for 12 years... what's going to change his heart?". As I opened up my mouth to try and help him, I honestly had no idea what to say. But I started talking, and I somehow found myself telling him that the reason he's fighting within himself about this whole thing is because Satan knows his divine potential and he also knows that if Jose were to pray, he'd get an answer, and that scares him. So he is doing everything in his power to keep him from knowing and accepting the truth. Therefore, in order to overcome this fight and defeat Satan and his efforts to keep him from the truth, he HAS to pray, because that's the only way he can overcome Satan. I know for a fact that those weren't my words coming out of my mouth, because after I was done, the spirit was so strong and Jose really took it to heart. Then Hermana B followed the Spirit and told him that Satan also knows that if he were to accept the Gospel, his family could be an eternal family, and that's another reason why he's putting this fight into Jose's heart. The Spirit was so strong and I truly believe that it was a turning point for Jose.
1. Mirsa just got home from Utah yesterday so we should be meeting with her this week!!! I'm so excited:) I'll let you know next week if anything big happens. We are deciding to give Vanessa and Francisco a break after another week of absolutely no contact with them. We aren't going to give up on them, don't worry, but we are just going to try and figure out a better, more effective way of finding them, because they are nowhere to be found. There aren't a whole lot of other updates besides the one on Jose Hernandez. But this week is going to be great so I will let you know!
2. My Schedule:
6:30-7:00- Wake up, exercise
7:00-8:00- Breakfast, get ready for the day
8:00-9:00-Personal Study
9:00-10:00-Comp. Study
5-6 Dinner
9-10:30 Daily Planning, filling out area books, getting ready for bed, prayers, lights out:)
If you want a more detailed schedule, let me know, I'm just running out of time so I did it fast.
3. The get together with all the sister missionaries was really fun! President and Sister Nattress are the best!!!!

 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Have a wonderful, amazing week!
 Hermana Lattin 
Welcome to Queen Creek (we are out in the boonies!)


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