Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Email #36 (Queen Creek, AZ)

April 28, 2014

Sidenote: This is Emma’s reaction when she read the email that Michelle’s Scott’s mom was baptized on Sunday, April 27.
Michelle is Emma’s best friend from High School who was  baptized in 2011 and is now serving a mission in Peru.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying in the library right now and I don't even care. I am so happy for Kathie. She is amazing and has so much faith. I know without a doubt that the step she just took will be the best thing she has ever done in her life and will bring her more joy than she can even imagine. I just can't stop smiling and thinking about how amazing Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ are. They truly make miracles happen. AH!!! KATHIE IS THE BEST!!!!
This is a testament to me of a few things: 
1) Heavenly Father knows and loves us perfectly.
2) Jesus Christ is our Savior and his atonement heals broken hearts and wounded souls.
3) The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us more joy and light in this life than anything in the world. It is the straight and narrow path to salvation.
4) There truly are people in the world who have been prepared by the Lord to hear and accept the Gospel. How blessed are we to be part of this amazing work!!!

Everything about this week, se fue de mi mente... let me pull myself together (haha)
Well, first and foremost, we got transfer calls this morning. I am staying in my area and Sister Bukoskie is leaving. I will get a new companion on Wednesday. Sister Bukoskie is very sad about leaving, but I know the Lord needs her somewhere else blessing other people. I'm a living testament of that! I am really grateful for the two transfers I had with her, because I have grown so much these past twelve weeks and learned more than I have ever in my life  thanks to her. She will be great wherever she goes and whomever she is with. And chances are, we'll wind up together again.
Also, do your remember Vanessa? Well, this past week she texted us and asked if we could come over!!!! Milagro!!! We did and we are teaching her again AND she wants to be baptized the 10th of May!!! She is amazing. She went through a really difficult time these past 3 months, and had a lot of severe health issues, both physical and emotional. But through all of it, she decided to put her faith in God and move forward to get married to Francisco and be baptized. She came to church yesterday and she was SO cute! She felt that every talk that was given was meant for her to hear and she just looked so happy to be there. She is someone that I know without a doubt I was supposed to meet here in Queen Creek. I'll have to give you more of her background story another time... bottom line is that she is amazing. And Heavenly Father is amazing.
We had interviews with President Nattress this week! That was really awesome. He’s just the best.
I still can't stop smiling. I wish I could see Michelle's face right now!
Sorry this is so short!
Les quiero muchisimo!!! Hope your week is amazing!!
Hermana Lattin


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