Sunday, April 20, 2014

Email #34 (Queen Creek, AZ)

April 14, 2013
Hola hola!!
Yes, it's true, the summer heat is starting! I was a sweaty mess on Thursday... then we contacted this house with 10 cats sitting on the front porch so I probably smelled pretty bad too. But that's okay! When you're out working hard, doing the Lord's work, and you've got a sweaty, red face to show it, it's awesome! Haha I love it. We had exchanges this past week and it was great! Sister Anderson, our Sister training leader is the best! I love her.

So the one story I want to share from this week is about our new investigator that we found last night! Her name is Yadira and she is 14. Her dad and older sister are Mormon, but her mom is strong Catholic, although her mom doesn't go to church. 
Yadira has been stuck in the middle of these two religions her whole life and is confused about which one she should join, OR if she should join one at all. She was a media referral from the Mesa temple visitor’s center, so we went to visit her a while ago but she wasn't there. Then, we went there last night and we come down the street and Sister B. had the wrong address number written in her planner... so we awkwardly pull up in front of this house with people (who were obviously hispanic) in the driveway to try and figure things out, long story short-we were confused, were about to drive away but instead got out of the car to talk to these people and lo and behold it was HER! It was Yadira and right there in the driveway, we taught her a lesson on the Restoration and she wants to be baptized May 10th! It was AMAZING! The temple open house really made an impact on her. She felt the spirit there. We are so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father, who despite our weaknesses blesses us with magnificent miracles everyday so we can be instruments in bringing souls back to him.
Okay answers to your questions mom:
1. The Easter Pageant is amazing!!! We got to help with it on the Spanish night this past Saturday and it was so fun! We also got to stay and watch and it is truly an inspired production. Put that on our family bucket list because it is amazing!
2. I love the new temple movie! I love how emotionally profound it is and how it presents a different perspective and feel than the other one. So cool.
3. Concha and Rene are doing awesome!! Every time I see Concha she gets really excited and gives me a big hug and says "MI GUERA!!!" It's great. They are getting married in May and are set for May 31st to get baptized!!! I'm so excited for them.
4. We are still working with Maybelin and Ariel. They said they are planning on coming to church this Sunday so we're really praying that they'll come! 
Oh, and we couldn't get a hold of Mirsa all last week, so we don't know what's going on, but I trust that, as always, Heavenly Father is continuing to work miracles with her and giving her the strength to move on from Paco (el gato) and find joy and happiness in the Gospel! I'll give you more updates on her after we see her again.

I was SO sad about Isabel moving. But that's just part of the missionary life. You get pretty good at saying goodbye to people, both planned and unplanned. 
Okay, well I love you all so much! Can't wait to hear from you again next week:) Moroni 8:3!:)
Hermana Lattin


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