Sunday, September 7, 2014

Email #52 (Gilbert, AZ)

August 18, 2014

Hola! I can't believe school has started for y'all this today!! That's crazy. I can't even believe it. And it's la semana de los CUMPLEANOS!!! How are my siblings growing up so fast? Sammi and Alex are going to be 17?? No that's not real. And Max is going to be 7?? That's not real. Shelby is home?? Not real. And then how have I been out for a year already?? That's not real either. Time is going by ridiculously fast. Seriously, every week just flies. But enough of that, because it's too much for my brain to handle.
FELIZ CUMPLEANOS ALEX, SAMMI Y MAX!!!! I'll be sending each of you a birthday letter so be excited!!! Hope your birthdays are AMAZING!!!! LES QUIERO!!
Anyways, this week was a good one! Nothing too out of the ordinary, just working and finding and teaching!
But to not waste time I'm going to update you on investigators as promised.
The Asians- They are all starting to get extremely busy with school... they've started a new phase of school and everything is starting to get crazy. They can only meet with us on weekends, but they can still come to church! We haven't been able to meet with all four of them in a long time, but T and M have been pretty consistent. Especially T. Last night him and M went over to the Bowler's house and before we got there (we were at the Book of Mormon class), they had a discussion about temples and eternal families! So when we got there, we headed over to the Gilbert Temple to show them. They loved it. Their progression is still relatively slow, but they're doing well. Hopefully we'll be able to see the other two sometime this week!
A and A- She is still not super excited about meeting with us but she came to an activity we had in Pueblo ward this past Friday! And it was perfect because it was all about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families, perfect for her. Plus, she got to chat with more members and be fellowshipped a little more so that's awesome! I'll let you know if we get to teach her this week.
T- T. T. T. He's doing good. Except for the fact that HE DIDN'T COME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. :( He always makes such good progress when we see him, and then he drops off the face of the earth for a few days, doesn't answer calls or texts and doesn't come to church! We'll be teaching him tomorrow so we'll be doing some serious talking with love:) haha
G- She's doing about the same. She has told us several times she wants to be baptized so she can be clean from her past, but she doesn't come to church:( we read el Libro de Mormon with her a little bit the other day and she really liked it. She told us that she asked her hija about baptism and she said no... I was on exchanges with Hna Bukoskie and she was able to share her story about her conversion and that her family didn't support her but the Lord blessed her as she moved forward with faith! It was really cool and just what she needed to hear. Hopefully she'll start acting upon her desires to get baptized and receive her answer that it's true!
E- She is so sweet. She came to FHE last week and LOVED it! We taught her the Restoration and she had a lot of questions and doubts. She committed to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. She went out of town so we haven't seen her since then but she is coming to FHE again tonight so that will be awesome!
A- We FINALLY got in with him last week and talked more about the Book of Mormon. He told us that there have been so people throughout his life who have told him to read the Book of Mormon and so he thinks that's a sign that God is telling him to read it:) His whole entire family (his wife and all his kids) are SUPER active in other Christian churches, and they are a great family. A is very sensitive to the Spirit, and very open to learning, so when he prays and asks, he will receive his answer from God and then he will bring his whole family with him:)
Las Clases del Libro de Mormon- they're going super well! Hno Laparra is an awesome teacher. It is mostly members there and a lot of recent converts (Edith and part of the Garcia fam from Queen Creek come!!:)), but last night a family in Pueblo, the Morales family, brought some non member friends that our in our area! The Pueblo ward is so awesome. We have great ward missionaries and an amazing Ward Mission Leader so it's fun.

Okay well I love you all TONNNNNS! Thank you for all your prayers and love. I feel it lifting me up every day! I have the best family in the world. Bottom line.
Hermana Lattina


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