Monday, January 26, 2015

Email #75 (Gilbert, AZ)

January 26, 2015

Hi there:) HOLD UP. Can we just talk about the fact that Michelle get's home TOMORROW. How is this even possible??? Time has gone by way too fast. I can't believe she is getting back. So weird. When you see her, give her a big hug for me!:) Crazy.
Anyways. Sorry for the little rant. But this week was a good one! We didn't have anything overly exciting happen, but it was solid nonetheless. We went to the temple (the BEST!), had an exchange with the hermanas in Queen Creek, had Family Home Afternoon with the zone and taught people the gospel! What's better than that?? Nothing.
We taught Tim and Beatriz! We taught Beatriz the Restauracion, and it went really well! It was almost as though everything already made sense to her, like she had already heard it before:)  It was funny because when we invited her to be baptized she told us she wanted to read more of the Book of Mormon first and then asked us what will be required of her when she's baptized. We kept trying to tell her that she would just be required (by God) to keep all of the commandments, and that we would be able to teach her all of that in time, but she kept on asking it. Finally, I told her that she wouldn't be asked to do anything she didn't want to do, because baptism was completely her choice. Nobody would force her to be baptized, to go to church, to follow the Word of Wisdom or any other thing that she didn't want to do. But I promised her that as she learned more and as she read and prayed and put in her own efforts to finding the truth, she would develop a desire to do these things on her own, by her own will and choice. She kind of stopped and nodded her head and said "Oh, okay."
It was funny to me that she thought we were going to force her to do things that she didn't want to do, and she was resisting something before she even knew what it was. But once she realized that it was her choice, and she understood that the desire would come by her own efforts in receiving an answer, she calmed down. And I'm realizing now that so often that's exactly what we do to God. We resist His will because we are so scared of the things that will be required of us, before we fully comprehend that we have our agency and the blessings that will come if we do choose His will. So we freak out a little and panic, automatically fighting and thinking "I can't do that! Don't make me do that!". But that is the beautiful thing about Heavenly Father and His perfect wisdom in giving us the gift of agency, because once we do choose, then we can more fully appreciate the blessings that come from our obedience and His mercy. And once we recognize that God loves us perfectly, that He has a perfect plan for us and that the choice is really between Him and Satan, between everlasting life and everlasting death, the choice becomes that much easier.
Anyways, Beatriz is doing well:) she is a firecracker! She is really smart and has a ton of faith. She will get there for sure as she reads the Book of Mormon, and I know she will WANT to get baptized and she will exercise her agency to do so because she'll know it's what God wants her to do, and she will enjoy so many blessings because of it!
Sorry, I went off again on another tangent haha, I always do that! But yes, Beatriz is good and progressing. Tim is doing so good as well! His job has made a huge difference with his progress spiritually. It is awesome! We're going to give him a baptismal date this week! We'll let you know how it goes:)
Yesterday was interesting because it was one of those days where just about everything fell through... haha…we had 4 investigators who were supposed to come to church and didn't show and two lessons that both fell through. But that is okay! Next week will be better. Just pray specifically that Tim, Chris and Beatriz will come to church!
Oh and we found a new investigator whose name is Patsy! She is really nice and her son just got baptized in our zone leaders' YSA ward! We're excited for that:)
LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!! Have an amazing week:)
Moroni 8:3
Hermana Lattin


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