Thursday, January 8, 2015

Email #72 (Gilbert, AZ)

January 5, 2014

Holy cow, familia, FELIZ ANO NUEVO!!!:)
I can't believe it is 2015. That is so weird to me. 2014 literally se fue corriendo. And I cannot believe it's my last transfer. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I just got here! It's hard to describe the feelings I'll have in a given day- they're all over the place because one minute I won't be thinking about it and I'll just be normal and having a party being a missionary, then the next minute I'll remember that it's my last transfer, and then I'll start to have an inward freakout and the hyperventilation starts and I get really scared, and then I think of seeing you all and I smile and am really excited, and then I think of saying goodbye to all these people and this place and not being a missionary anymore and I get teary and hold tight onto my tag and then I say to myself, "NO. I still have six weeks, it's all good." This happens every day... multiple times. It doesn't help that every person we talk to asks how long we've been out and I just say "a long time" and they say "cuando regresa a casa?" and I choke out "Me voy en febrero." And then with out fail they say something like "OH WOW, you're pretty much done!" And then yesterday in the Gilbert Spanish Speaking Branch our Sunday School class was about eternal marriage and then in Young Single Adult Ward, the lesson was about dating... that's when I got really scared. Haha but all is well:)

Anyways, yes, I am staying here in Gilbert for my last transfer! I'm happy about that. It will be a good time:) Thank you for fasting for us and for our investigators! I know that our faith combined will make miracles happen in this area this transfer. We've still been struggling to find new solid investigators, but this past week we really focused on our less actives and recent converts, which was pretty cool because we had a lot of success with that! We are also working to build member trust by getting to know them better. It's definitely a blessing that Mission Bay just got changed to 1:00, so we get to go to both the branch and YSA, and we don't have to choose between the two! That's the first time that won't be a major stressor since this past June:) That will definitely help us to see member trust increase because they'll see us more. What about for you all? As members of the Orchard ward, what builds or tears down the trust that you have in the missionaries?
So yep! Our week was good and we visited a lot of less actives and recent converts. We hope to do some major finding this week, both through our members and qualifying for miracles by our own finding efforts:) New Year's Eve was fun, we got to have a little zone activity and then we went home at 8 and got to go to bed early! That was the best.
Sounds like Eliana's birthday/New Years Eve was fun for you all! Hahaha
I can't believe Elle is 1... she is SO cute!!! Thanks for the pics and videos!

Answers to questions:
1. YES!!!! OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SO CUTE. Shelby sent me an email telling me all about it. She is the best. I can't believe she is getting married!!!! The first of the 3 Musketeers to go... #loco
2. HOLY CAT, Olivia is a sunbeam? She is so old! Tell her to stop growing up until I get home:) Does she like Sunbeams?
3. Our investigators are good! Tim is hopefully going to get a new job pretty soon so he can come to church every Sunday!!! Go Tim!:) Rafael is still scared of us... haha but we'll see if any progress is made within this next week. I think Rafael's sister goes back to Recife next week but I don't remember.

Have an amazing first week back at school:)
Moroni 8:3
Hermana Lattin
Arizona Christmas


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