Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Email #65 (Gilbert, AZ)

November 17, 2014
Hola familia!
Hey there! How's it going?? Sounds like it's been super cold!! This morning we played ultimate frisbee and it was 50 degrees and all of us were on the verge of tears we were so cold!! I think I've acclimated to Arizona weather.... February is going to be rough for me haha:) This email is going to be a short one, because we're headed down to Queen Creek to do some goodbyes for Chavs and Lana, since they're leaving me next Tuesday. Sad day:( so we have to email fast so we can get shopping done and have enough time to see all the people they want to say bye to.
But this week was good! We taught quite a bit and saw some good progress with a few investigators. Darren is so awesome and he is very interested in learning more! We met two of his roommates too this week who want to hear the lessons and go to church as well! That was un milagro because we've been struggling to find new investigators this past transfer. We're confronting the same slight setbacks with him as we did with Tony in the beginning because of the slight language barrier. But it is such a good experience to teach someone with little or no religious background and have a language barrier, because the goal is to teach simply in a way they will understand, and more importantly in a way the Spirit can touch their hearts. Darren is so humble and willing to learn, and he has a sincere desire to know if God is real.
Vanessa has been more consistent than ever! She couldn't come to church yesterday because it was the Phoenix Temple Dedication (SO COOL!!!), but she has been making a great effort to read and pray everyday, and met with us a lot this week. Ever since that priesthood blessing she received from Hno. Maynez, she has been doing so good. She is a witness to me that priesthood power is real, that it has been restored to the earth to bless God's children and bring us back to Him. We are so blessed to have worthy priesthood holders that can do miracles by the power to act in God's name. Priesthood holders, do not take for granted your responsibility to serve and bless others around you! Do everything you can to remain worthy so you can have the opportunity to act as God's instruments to bless his children.
I can't think of any other significant things that happened this week with our investigators...besides Edna. She came to the choir concert we had last night and we got to talk to her afterwards and she opened up to us. She is really struggling again. She feels a lot of sadness and pain from her dad's death. We listened to her and just testified to her of the Plan of Salvation. She is awesome and if she just starts doing the simple things again, she will find peace and happiness:)
I'll give you more updates next week.
Oh! Please pray for the Flores family. They are recent converts, and we are teaching their 10 year old daughter, Valeria. Satan is working really hard to pull them down right now. They are awesome but are having a lot of different, crazy trials. Just pray that they will have the strength to continue doing the things they need to do in order to be sealed in the temple next year.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO much! Have an amazing week!
Hermana Lattin


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