Monday, July 28, 2014

Email #48 (Gilbert, AZ)

Hey there. I don't have a whole lot of time because the computers filled up way fast at the library today and I didn't get a computer until a little bit ago, and I feel bad making my companion and two roommates wait for forever to go to the store!
Anyways, guess what??? Sister Carvalho and I have another transfer together!!!! We're both staying in Pueblo and Mission Bay! Huzzah! We're pretty stoked about it. It's going to be awesome. Especially with the Book of Mormon classes coming up in August, it's going to be a great transfer! My compi is the best. That is actually something I wanted to say that I am really grateful for on my mission, the people I've met and the friends I've made. These are friends that I know I'm going to have for the rest of my life. The spiritual growth you have with your companion as you give the Lord your all and work together to bring souls unto Christ is amazing. And not just companions, but other missionaries in your district and zone, or members in the wards you serve in and the people you teach, they become people you truly and genuinely care about. Developing a Christ-like love for others is something that is a huge blessing as a missionary.
Your week sounds like it's been crazy! I cannot believe Brynna is married. I'm so happy for her! She looked beautiful and JB seems like a good match for her. I love my cousin!
I am really grateful I'm on a mission.  Marriage seems so scary to me and I'm happy I don't have to worry about it for another few years... come to think about it, maybe I'll just be a crazy old lady who lives alone with all her flea market and garage sale finds and lots of cats!! haha 

Our week was great! BIG news! Georgina is on date for the 16th of August!!! MILAGROS SON REALES!!! The only issue is that she got on date last Wednesday and then she didn't come to church yesterday... :( poco a poco. And we taught Sony and Phanuel on Friday and it was the exact same so we've decided to give them a break. It's impossible to teach them when they are unwilling to learn... and I myself learned that I get a little too passionate sometimes and need to learn how to be calm in anti situations:) Definitely one of my weaknesses. But it's one I'm working on! Our asian friends are doing well, and we found another one! Anthony! They were at church yesterday and they seem to really love it. They love all the friends and the people they meet, but the more complicated part is helping them spiritually progress when they don't have a solid Christian background. But they are very humble and willing to learn, and so the Spirit will touch their hearts and they'll get there eventually.

Hermana Lattin
P.S. I promise next week I'll send pictures.


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