Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Email #21 (Gilbert, AZ)

January 13, 2014 HOLA FAMILIA!!!!
I don't have a whole lot of time because I wrote Sammi a longer email this week. 
Tell Grammy I say hi!!!!:) Tell her I love her and miss her and give her a big hug for me:)
AHHHH ALL THOSE PICTURES OF ELIANA MADE ME SO HAPPY!!! She is soooo cute!! Give her a big kiss for me. I'm glad you/she liked my little letter. I just felt like she needed a little letter of her own to remember that even though we're far apart in age and I'm not there with her during her first year of life, I still am her sister and I love her so much!!:) AH! She's the cutest! Also that pic sammi sent me of my baby Olivia was so cute!!! Ah! She's not a baby anymore! How is it that I have the cutest, best family in the world??:)
This week was really great! I was sick with a cold for a bit of it, but I'm all better now, so that's good. The only thing I have to really tell you about is an update on Patricia. We went over there a few nights ago to teach her the rest of the 10 commandments. We got to the end and I asked her a question about not hating others, and she answered and eventually started talking about her not-husband. I won't go into detail, but essentially she still has a lot of hate and bitterness for this man because of certain things that he did in the past. He cheated on her and as a result was not caring or providing for her or their two children, and he doesn't seem to have any guilt or sorrow from his actions whatsoever. She just started crying and there was so much pain and hurt in her eyes that my heart quite literally felt like it was breaking. I don't think I've ever felt such a burden of someone else's sorrows so heavy on my shoulders as I did in that moment. We bore testimony of Jesus Christ and tried to help her understand that healing can only come as she lets go of that bitterness. For a long time after that lesson when we were driving somewhere else in the car, Sister Chavarri and I couldn't say anything because we both were near tears for Patricia and her situation. I wish I could adequately explain how I felt. But we realized that we cannot push Patricia to get married to someone she does not love,so she can get baptized. The only way the Atonement of Jesus Christ can start healing her is if she can get out of that situation where she is constantly surrounded by the memories of that horrific time for her. She needs a new start. But how to tell her that after she has been living with him for 21 years and they work together (she works inside and cleans houses while he works outside and does landscaping), we don't know. Continue to pray for us to know what we can do to help Patricia find the happiness and healing that comes from knowing and living the restored gospel!
That's probably the most significant thing that happened this week.
We're having a family home evening with two families of recent converts tonight, the Carrillos and the Dalmazzos:) We're excited. I am so excited to get the pics of Ellie you sent!

Okay I love you all soooooo much!!! Have an amazing, fantastic week!!!
Hermana Lattin


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