Monday, December 16, 2013

Email #15 (Gilbert, AZ)

December 2, 2013

 Helllooooo! It's so great to hear from everybody!!!
It sounds like your thanksgiving was FANTASTIC!! I do miss skiing... I console myself with the fact that even if I were home, I wouldn't be able to ski anyways because of my knee. But it is really strange being in the Christmas season and having it still be in the 70s (usually). But I'm so glad you got all the pictures on Thanksgiving!!
Our Thanksgiving was amazing! I was extremely grateful that President Nattress directed us to proselyte, because it is really a perfect time to share the Gospel with people in the holiday season! We made quite a few member visits and shared what we were grateful for. Doing this all day made me so grateful for our ward and each of the members. We truly have an amazing ward and amazing members down here.
But Hermana Chavarri and I almost died because we were SO FULL. We ate soooooo much food. We ate in the morning, around 11:00 with a family from an English ward, then later around 3:00 we ate again with a family that would go to our ward but they also go to an English ward because their son doesn't speak Spanish. Anyways, we ate with them and then went to several member's houses to share spiritual thoughts and every single one tried to feed us... we felt like we were going to explode! It was a great day though.
And then OH MY GOODNESS! Seeing Aunt Liz and Uncle John made my day! I was so surprised I just stood there and started crying... haha it was funny, but I was a little embarrassed. It was so so so great to see them and talk to them. Aunt Liz and Uncle Johnny thank you sooooo much for coming to see me! I love you both so much! But no, President Nattress has not called me yet about visiting Aunt Liz’s mom who possibly lives in our ward boundaries, but we have Zone Conference this week so I'll talk to him then. I would absolutely LOVE to go see Angel and help her get to the temple!!:)
Here are the answers to your questions Mom:)
1. Yes, Thank you so so soooo much for the CDs!!! We are loving them! It made me happy to hear your voice again, Mamita:) You are amazing! And then when I heard our Christmas CD we made for Dad like 10 years ago, I just couldn't stop smiling! I miss singing with the Von Lattin family singers:( Are you all singing anywhere this Christmas? Got any gigs?:) Oh and thank you for the wonderful felt tree:) hahaha I hung it up in the barn and I started decorating it yesterday! It is a beautiful addition to the Barn!! Thank you soooo much!
2. We don't have any new investigators yet. We're hoping to start teaching Myra and Edgar soon, but it's kind of hard because we're still trying to teach Concha and Rene. Hopefully soon though! But actually, they all live in the same house, except for Alejandra and Adriana and their families. It is a good-size house, but when you have 20+ people living there at the same time.... things get a little crazy:) If we want a quiet lesson, we usually have to teach them at the Church building.
3.Yep we have a kitchen in the barn! We make our own breakfast and lunch there every day.
4. Our splits/exchange with the Sister Training Leaders was AWESOME! Sister Anderson came with me in our area. She is amazing. She was so kind and encouraging the entire day, and that really helped me have the confidence to lead a day in our area! It was amazing because I was praying so hard to be able to understand and speak on my own, without the fluent help of Sis Chavarri, and of course, the Lord blessed me! I did it! I lead two lessons completely in Spanish. It boosted my confidence and helped me realize that when we put our total and complete trust in Heavenly Father, we can do anything! Alma 26:12:)
Okay, well I love you all so so much! Thank you so much for  fasting for me. I know that will really help me this week with my Spanish! I pray for you every day and every night. Have an amazing, fantastic week!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Lattin

Thanksgiving with the Hardt Family

Rene and Concha
Picture sent from the  Garcia Family
"We love you Lattin Fam and Santos Fam! Love your missionaries"

Surprise visit from Uncle John and Aunt Liz 


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