Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Family

For anyone reading that doesn't know my family, I'd love to introduce you. Meet The Lattins.

First up (oldest to youngest): Dad (Daddy/Papa). He likes BYU football, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and surfing. He dislikes clowns, reality TV (except Duck Dynasty) and yodeling.

Next, Mom (Mother Dear). She likes green smoothies, running, and singing (really beautifully I might add). She dislikes high fructose corn syrup, lazy kids and Spongebob (I know, right?! Who doesn't like Spongebob?).

Then there's me (Emma Dilemma). I like boys, chocolate, and sports (any and every sport). I dislike apple cider vinegar, scary movies and spiders.

Now Alex (aka Big Al/Alejandro). He likes being a dork, swimming and playing the ukelele. He dislikes being told he's wrong, eating fish and an empty fridge.

And here's Sammi (Sammi Sue). She likes cute clothes, the harp and steak. She dislikes rude people, early mornings and annoying brothers.

Then Nate (Nate the Great). He likes girls, lacrosse, and hair gel. He dislikes sore throats, being bad at things and broccoli.

Next up, Max (Maximillian). He likes Power Rangers, soda and his best friend Clara. He dislikes wolves, the dark and movies with kissing in them.

Finally, there is Olivia (Baby/Livs). She likes being outside, Spirit and ice cream. She dislikes being told "no", shoes and Alex.

And, believe it or not, my mom is pregnant! When I get back there will be a new little Lattin in the household:)

They're all crazy, but I love them to death!


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