Saturday, September 7, 2013

Email #2 (Mexico City)

September 4, 2013
I just want to start this email by expressing how much I love all of you. You are the inspiration and strength that get me through the day, whether I am struggling or doing well. Thank you so much for being the best family in the world!
I’ll admit it, I cried again while reading all your emails. It makes me so happy to hear about everything back at home. I hope school, cross country, football, choir, harp, home life and everything is going well! It sounds like everyone is happy and thriving! Mom, what you said about being the only pregnant mom at Back to School Night at AHS made me laugh:) 
Oh and tell the Tuttle Family that I use the Spanish Hymn book every day! I love it! Did you know that "Called to Serve" or "Llamados a Servir" has 4 verses in Spanish? Cool, huh?
Thank you so much for praying for me! Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers! My health has been great, I havent gotten sick at all! And I did hear about Michelle´s food poisoning... Poor Michelle:(
I fasted for you this past Sunday! We fasted for dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday... longest/hardest fast I´ve ever done in my life, but by far the BEST one as well! I fasted for something specific and special for each of you. It really makes a difference, fasting for a purpose. My purpose for fasting is what kept me going, because I knew if I did it sincerely and with real intent, Heavenly Father would bless my family!
The part of your emails about Nate bearing his testimony made me tear up! It is so cool, Nate, that your’re only 11 and you already have that conviction and testimony about this gospel! I´m so proud of all my siblings for their efforts in being a light to a world that is so dark.
Sammi, I am glad you had such an amazing experience with the sister missionaries. That is so awesome!
We just had an awesome devotional last night from Elder Villalobos (an area 70) and he talked a lot about member missionaries. We as full time missionaries cannot do this work without the help of the members! The work of Salvation is done so much more effectively when missionaries and members are unified in the purpose of inviting others unto Christ!
Okay, Mom, I´m gonna answer all of your questions now (which I love by the way)
1. My companion’s name is pronounced Hermana Lui= Loo-ee
2. The Spanish is comin´along just fine. It´s improved a lot, I know how to pray, bear my testimony, and teach some of the lessons in Spanish. Also, I memorized the Missionary Purpose and the First Vision in Spanish!
3. Our instructors actually are mostly from the Provo MTC. Our District has 2, Hermana Thomas and Hermana Valdez. Both of them are AMAZING teachers. Hma Thomas is from Utah I think and she served in Boston. Hma Valdez is actually from Peru and she served in Fort Worth!:) I love them both so much.
4. Our investigators are our teachers. They make up different characters and pretend to be our investigators! It´s actually really cool because they make it feel real. And no, we don´t leave the CCM to teach, because Mexico City is really dangerous. But every Thursday we have members from the area come in and we get to teach them! We get to do that tomorrow so that should be fun.
5. Yes I can see pictures you email! Please send pictures! I would love that.
6. I think with the newest batch of kids there are around 900 missionaries at the Mexico CCM! Craazy!
7. You would be so proud of me! I´ve ridden the stationary bike every day this entire week, and I do my all my physical therapy exercises. I´m being super careful with my knee, so don´t worry!
Okay well I´ve gotta go! But just know that I love you all so much and miss you tons, but I am happy, healthy and trying my best to serve the Lord here in the CCM!
Thank you again for being the BEST family in the entire world.

I love you all more than all the rain in Mexico City:)
Les amo, 
Hermana Lattin
P.S. I bought some stamps and I´m going to write you guys a real letter without a time limit:) So expect that within the next month...

My Official name tag for 18 months

Hermana Lattin and Hermana Lui at the Mexico City Temple

Me and my companion with our roommates Hermana Hymas and Hermana Gronde

in front of the CCM sign (missionary training center)

My entire district at the Mexico City Temple

Remember those Magnum Bars we ate in Mazatlan? I found them!!


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